Couple & Single Couriers


The Courier role is all about delivering customer service, whether that is clean accommodation, a professional and friendly welcome, solving problems or providing local information.



We welcome applications from couples and individuals whose

knowledge and experience will enable them to work independently



We have three levels of campsite size where our Holiday Couriers work:

One Courier campsites – One individual working independently, often referred to as Single Courier

Two Courier campsites – Two people working in partnership, often referred to Couple Courier

Team campsites – Supported by a senior member of staff in the day-to-day running of a campsite, team sizes can be anything from 3-20 staff

One and two Courier campsites are perfect for individuals or friends and couples whose knowledge and experience will enable them to work independently.

You will have the option to live in a accomodation provided by the company or to take your own caravan or motor home. However if you would like to take your accommodation with you, it will be subject to us finding a suitable pitch.

Many caravan or motor home pitches are a maximum of 6 metres by 2.5 metres and therefore any dimensions greater than this should be discussed with one of our team before attending interview - as this could mean we are unable to offer you a position.


Click on the job description for full details of the role and read the 'Day in the life of' written by one of our previous employees for a true reflection of the role

Key requirements

• Available for full season (March/April to September/October)

• A good working knowledge of the English language

• Basic numeracy and literacy

• Previous work experience


Ability to work independently

Previous customer service experience

• Lots of energy, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to help people