Montage/Demontage Assistants & Drivers

Montage Assistants are employed at the start of the season to help set-up for the season. The work involves includes putting up tents, moving/distributing equipment and cleaning/preparing accommodation.

Demontage Assistants are employed at the end of the season to dismantle and pack away tents and clean and store equipment.

Montage/Demontage Drivers are responsible for a company vehicle. The role involves transporting equipment to stores and taking the staff from campsite to campsite. Aspects of the Assistant role may also apply.


Click on the job description button for full details of the role and read the 'Day in the life of' written by one of our previous employees for a true reflection of the role.

Key requirements

• A minimum of 18 years old on the day your contract starts

• Montage - available from late February to May

• Demontage - Available from late August to mid/end October

• Experience of practical, physical and repetitive work

• Experience of working in a team

• Lots of energy and an enjoyment of working outdoors